Everything about TorGuard

This company called Torguard is based in West Indies and offers VPN services. This was launched in 2012 and has approximately 1250 servers in across 42 nations of the world. There are multiple endpoints in every location. TorGuard is greatly in demand due to its great quality VPN services and the TorGuard Review states its importance in the market.


One of the best reasons why people prefer TorGuard is that they do not store any kind of timestamps or logs. Therefore the data of the users and the traffic logs are quite secure and no logs are ever shared to the multiple users of the VPN. The TorGuard review is full of praises and has made a number of people happy and satisfied. There is no other VPN like that of TorGuard and it is considered the great featured product with great solid speed and since there are no usage limits, the clients couldn’t be more happier.

Another reason why the users are happy is that with TorGuard you can download as many movies or you can stream as many shows as you want. And that too on any platform. As a matter of fact, TorGuard is compatible with all the major operating systems such as iOS, Windows, Android and Linux etc. There are comprehensive guides available for all of these operating systems. For certain routers, proper professional support is extended and it is a fact that this company has a great service platform and also provides proxy extensions for browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. The payment plans are quite beneficial. Besides, with the multiple payment options, you can obtain this very easily. Also, they do not block any sort of traffic on their network.

On the whole, it is considered as one of the safest VPNs and it is absolutely perfect for people who use torrent a lot.


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